Customer Perspectives from Education Leaders

Essential insights on implementation and funding options

Assistant Superintendent
Charleston, SC

One year later: a game-changer for educators and administrators

Eugene, OR

On enhancing the Framework understanding and training

Danielson Framework Specialist
Washington, DC

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"This is fantastic; exactly what my teachers need" [0:54]

Great demo reaction from the Director of Teaching and Learning

"If you're considering 2gnoMe..." [1:08]

Perspective from Teresa Lien from The Danielson Group.

On the Framework as the organizing principle [0:29]

"a clear picture of where I am and where I want to be"

Great tool for the admin [0:41]

"more likely it will be actually beneficial"

On Using Observations [0:45]

AdminPortal Question

Four comments in under a minute [0:55]

One Leader's feedback.

"Makes our job a little easier" [0:41]

"I'm so thankful you're taking the time to find the good stuff... "

Principal Brad's job just got easier! [1:42]

"I would love for us to use The Danielson Framework to grow our teachers"

"2gnoMe is for Teachers" [4:38]

Conversation with Program Manager from The Danielson Group.