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Just as students thrive with tailored education, teachers deserve customized paths for their professional journey.


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Key Features: Teacher-First Approach



Enhance skills awareness to clarify areas of strength and growth.

All-in-One Place

Unify all elements of the professional learning experience in one place.


All relevant elements are personalized to every teacher based on individual strengths and areas of need, at scale.


All parts of the system informing the impact of the learning activity on practice and retention.


Quick view of the system with teacher and admin reactions!


Customer Perspectives from Education Leaders

Essential insights on implementation and funding options

Assistant Superintendent
Charleston, SC

One year later: a game-changer for educators and administrators

Eugene, OR

On enhancing the Framework understanding and training

Danielson Framework Specialist
Washington, DC

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Choose 2gnoMe to Make a Difference

Boost Skills Awareness 💡💪

2gnoMe platform cultivates a culture of continuous improvement, benefiting both educators and students alike. Discover how enhanced skill awareness leads to more effective teaching and enriched professional learning experiences. As teachers gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and growth areas, they become more empowered to drive their professional growth.

Help New Teachers Thrive 🌱🎯

Elevate new teachers and protect them from the 'disillusionment' phase, a critical period in the early years of their careers. With access to hundreds of vetted resources and guidance, our portal serves as a secure haven, unifying all aspects of professional learning in one convenient location. It's where new teachers find the support and tools they need to flourish and succeed in their crucial roles.

Save Time, Improve Skills ⏱️🌟

Cut professional learning time by 40-60% while boosting practice effectiveness by 50-70% in the first year! Focus more on student success and educational excellence. Enjoy an all-in-one system that combines self-reflection, observations, feedback, coaching, and hundreds of resources, all tailored to individual needs in a streamlined, user-friendly experience. 

Empower Mentors and Coaches 📈🍏

Equip your mentors and coaches with an essential toolkit. Begin with a wealth of free resources, personal journals, and individual portfolios. Identify and utilize the skill experts in your school to elevate teaching quality. Our platform is specifically designed to aid mentors and coaches, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to boost peer performance, leading to improved teaching methods and student development.


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Schools large and small rely on 2gnoMe


of customers say 2gnoMe aligns observations & evaluations with teachers' learning and growth*


feel they provide stronger support for new teachers and improve teacher retention*


overall value (out of 5) from the 2gnoMe solution at least 1 year after rollout*

* Based on the 2022 Customer Satisfaction Survey among our K-12 school, district and state customers. Learn more.


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Our name - 2gnoMe - comes from the Greek gnōsis (knowledge).